Packages & Applications

Looking at the market needs we have developed proprietary and highly customizable Applications & Packages that can strengthen your IT requirements: 

Material Management System:

The package was developed for one of clients which involved the integration of various departments involved in the procurement of materials. 

Purchase and Inventory:

This package helps in automating the purchase and inventory departments of the company. It maintains a master list of vendors, helps in vendor evaluation, has provision for generation of purchase orders. This package provides online stock updates and valuation.


Traktek is a Business Process Improvement Software that helps small to mid-size businesses which have significant number of suppliers, customers, finances, documents, and other business related entities to track, manage, and synchronize.

Traktek is designed to be highly generic and flexible system that could be customized to any particular business domain with least effort. Traktek can easily and successfully be tailored and deployed in different markets, industries, and domains.

HRMS Application:

TimeTrak is a time management system used by the employees of various small businesses. It is a business improvement and tracking software that is used for tracking the timings of an employee and recording the tasks and project details he/she is working on.