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Haml stands for HTML abstraction markup language. It describes the HTML structure of web document in clean and simple way avoiding usage of inline code. Haml is a modern and convenient substitution for typical page templating systems. It compiles to common HTML and allows to use some embed code which executes on the run to generate dynamic content.

Haml enhances HTML by bringing it’s core principles like user-friendly markup, DRY, meaningful indentation, and clear structure.

Sass stands for syntactically awesome stylesheets and that’s exactly what Sass is! It’s a CSS extension language with much more improved syntax. Considering that Sass also uses indentation to separate code blocks there is no need to type all those parentheses and semicolons any more. Moreover, Sass incorporates features that are not available in CSS yet like variables, nesting, inline imports, partials, mixins, inheritance etc.

Both Haml and Sass are vital tools for Ruby on Rails at first place. Haml is a natural ERB replacement. It simplifies and accelerates templates creation. Sass brings dynamics into stylesheets offering many additional features over CSS.

Considering all of the above it goes without saying why programmers in SupraSoft Software prefer Haml/Sass over HTML/CSS. Any project will benefit from using these utilities in terms of development speed and source code cleanliness, readability and understandability.

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