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Angular.js is an open code JavaScript framework used for creation of one-page JavaScript applications. It is designed to extend them on the basis of the MVC pattern and simplify testing and development.

Along with a rich standard library, a lot of user extensions were written for Angular.js. There is even a special framework on top of it that considerably simplifies programming of cross-platform mobile applications.

SupraSoft programmers believe that the main peculiarities of Angular.js include the following:

  1. It considers testing as an important part of development. Testing complexity directly depends on the code structure.

  2. It helps to separate DOM manipulations from the application logic that improves code testability.

  3. The framework leads a developer along the whole way of the app creation process: from the stage of the user interface designing.

Why use Angular.js?

When SupraSoft developers were asked why use Angular.js, they answered that that’s because of several reasons. First of all, Angular provides you with the possibility to decide how to organize data into models (it is possible to use simple variables, objects, and arrays in any combinations), it also gives you a convenient way to communicate with the REST API on the server.

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